The Woman Behind the Curtain

I am the orange kitten in that cute kitty sammich. And this is my About Me page.

Where did I come up with the name Effemelle? Well, read it aloud: Eff-em-elle. You say to yourself, “Self, that sounds like FML.” And what does FML mean, kids?

Fuck. My. Life.

So now that my clever blog name is out of the way (I am so smart, S-M-R-T!), here are 25 random facts about me, in no particular order.

  1. My real name is Nicole.
  2. I was born in 1982.
  3. I have a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing. Translation: I am broke as a joke and work as a customer service rep instead of doing anything that actually uses my degree.
  4. I write, or rather used to write as I haven’t written in a long time, short fiction and novels. I am also versed in writing content for the Web.
  5. I have one sibling: a brother five years younger than me.
  6. I’m happily engaged to be engaged and living with my boyfriend.
  7. I am owned by one big sweet fluffy orange tabby toddler of a cat, Cody; and by one getting-big, equally-sweet, not-fluffy brown-white-and-gray tiger kitten, Boo. They will have their own page with pictures shortly.
  8. Cats are my favorite, but I love all animals and would love to have more someday.
  9. I started this blog with inspiration from Matt and Bill as a way to get myself writing again.
  10. I am an avid World of Warcraft player and have been playing for several years. My main is a feral dps/tank Night Elf druid, if you know and/or care about such things.
  11. I have always loved video and computer games, from the 8-bit Nintendo and King’s Quest days. I have a PlayStation 2 and recently acquired a Wii (it came with my boyfriend), but he has sucky games so I’m hoping to remedy that and have some fun with the thing.
  12. I am a big fan of ellipses, parenthesis and dashes. You’ve probably already noticed this.
  13. My favorite color is red.
  14. I like all kinds of different music, but my favorite genre is rock.  A few favorites are Queen, The Ramones and Jack’s Mannequin.
  15. I also like to read all sorts of different books and have always read voraciously, but my favorite genre is fantasy. I also love old gothic novels.
  16. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows regularly anymore, but I do like the boob tube. Except reality shows, which make me stabby. I love The Office (I’m at least a season behind though), Forensic Files, Ghost Hunters and most of those paranormal shows, some stuff on Adult Swim and anything on Boomerang.
  17. I love almost all types of movies and it takes a LOT for me to think a movie is bad. I always allow myself to get wrapped into the story and take whatever ride the director et. al. want me to go on. I especially like cheesy horror flicks and most ’80s films.
  18. My father is big into hot rods (he builds them), so I was raised in that environment and I love the culture. I may not know anything about the mechanics of cars, but I can tell you who Rat Fink is and why Von Dutch would hate the fact that you’re wearing his shirt. I love going to car shows to check out the rods and see people’s creativity.
  19. I am a pack rat and have real trouble throwing things away. I still have stickers from elementary school, shoes from middle school and pay stubs from high school. Because the minute you finally get rid of something is the minute you find a use for it.
  20. I used to collect G3 (starting in 2003) My Little Ponies because I had a lot of the originals as a kid and I was so excited they were brought back. I have a pretty large collection but I stopped after a while when I couldn’t catch them all, as it were, because there were just too many to keep up with. I hate the new design that’s out now, the Bratz-ification as I call it.
  21. I really could care less about having a career. I’d happily be a housewife and raise the kids. I’m a throwback to the 1950s, I guess. Minus the whole controlling-male thing.
  22. I am a huge fan of all things nostalgia and I have a real love/hate relationship with the whole ’80s comeback thing going on right now. I love it because the things I like are back, but I hate it because it makes me feel old.
  23. I love Greek mythology and have since elementary school. Also the fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm. Not a huge fan of Hans Christian Anderson, though. Too preachy for me.
  24. I keep hoping I’ll win the lottery. The problem is that I don’t buy tickets.
  25. I had a much harder time than I thought coming up with 25 things I prefer salty snacks to sweet ones.

Updated 5/3/2010


One Response to “The Woman Behind the Curtain”

  1. Cool blog. I think we’re all pack rats in a way. If it’s garbage throw it out. Pack rats are way different than hoarders. Who really has a use for year old rotten pumpkins and expired coupons?

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